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Kuerner Farm Designated National Historic Landmark

The Kuerner Farm on Ring Road in Chadds Ford has earned U.S. National Historic Landmark and U.S. National Register of Historic Places designation.  Famous, local artist, Andrew Wyeth, featured the Kuerner Farm and its residents in about one third of his over 1,000 paintings.  Wyeth grew up about a mile from the Farm and became close personal friends of Karl Kuerner and his wife Anna, who emigrated from Germany to the Farm in 1926.  Wyeth’s first painting of the farm was completed in 1932 at the age of 15.

Karl Kuerner, Sr. died in 1979 at the age of 80, and his wife died 18 years later. The farm has been preserved through the efforts of their son and grandson, Karl Kuerner, Jr. and Karl Kuerner III, and the Brandywine Conservancy.
Caleb Ring built the farmhouse in 1814.  The Battle of Brandywine on September 11, 1777 left cannon balls and grapeshot on the property but no actual fighting on the farm has been documented.

Some of Wyeth’s Kuerner Farm paintings include “Winter 1946” (1946), “Groundhog Day” (1959), “Evening at Kuerners” (1970), “Young Bull” (1960), “Spring Fed” (1967), and “Overflow” (1978), “Karl” and “The Kuerners”.  In addition to the Kuerner Farm paintings, Wyeth painted more than 200 images of Helga Testorf, whom he met while she worked as a nurse caring for Karl Kuerner.

Guided tours of the Kuerner Farm are available Thursdays through Sundays from early April through mid-November. Tours depart from the Brandywine River Museum at timed intervals and include the farmhouse and barn. The tours highlight Wyeth’s art related to the site. The tour fee is $5 in addition to museum admission. Children under 6 are not permitted on the tour.  The farm is the second Brandywine Conservancy property to be designated as a National Historic Landmark. The N. C. Wyeth house and studio received such recognition in December 1997.  For more information, call 610-388-2700 or visit